We are an non-profit wildlife movement composed of highly motivated, strongly committed volunteers with a genuine love and concern for wildlife and the environment. Basically, we are pulling together resources and working with other non-profits to educate, facilitate, and rehabilitate. We will be having various events aimed at these objectives and are in need of a huge volunteer base. We just got started here and already our hands are full! This site will help us tremendously be able to touch our community and keep everybody updated on our progress and where we need them to volunteer.

We are always looking for opportunities to partner with other non-profit organizations around Mendocino County and all of California. From the coast to the forest, we want to lend a helping hand.

Mendocino Wildlife Association Hotline 707.984.6363


  • To report injured, distressed, nuisance, stranded, or killed wildlife you can call CDFW Dispatch: 916. 358.1312.
  • Report Suspected Rabies Cases to Mendocino County's Department of Public Health: 707.472.2600
  • If you would like to make a report about an animal control issue, please call Ukiah Animal Control’s Dispatch Center: 707. 463.4086.
  • Call the CDFW CALTIP hotline phone number to report poaching and pollution: 1.888.334.2258.
  • Mendocino County Farm Bureau: 707.462.6664