Mendocino Wildlife Association Hotline 707.984.6363

Please call our hotline if you find an animal and need help immediately. Please call us or any other wildlife rehabilitation facilitator before bringing an animal anywhere. If no one answers please leave a message and someone will return your call a.s.a.p. It is illegal in California for anyone without a permit to care for wildlife even if the intention is to release it. California law also states that it is illegal to trap wildlife and release it elsewhere. Do the right thing and call a professional.

Our mailing address:

PO Box 2332
Willits, CA 95490

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Mendocino Wildlife Advocates

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Hotline: 707.526.WILD (9453) • 9am to 10pm everyday
Business Office: 707. 992.0274
A Wildlife Exclusion Service: 707.992.0276

Fawn Rescue

Need help for an injured or orphaned fawn? Please call Fawn Rescue at 707.931.4550.

The Bird Rescue Center

Found a bird? Call: 707.523.2473 • 9am to 5pm everyday

Native Songbird Care and Conservation

Open winter months by appointment only and
May through August 9am to 7pm

707.484.6502 •

International Bird Rescue

Found an aquatic bird?
Call 707.207.0380 ext. 110 • 8am-5pm everyday

Wildcare Rehabilitation

415.456.7283 • 9am to 5pm everyday

Humboldt Wildlife Care and Bird Ally X

707.822.8839 • 9am to 5pm everyday