Living with Wildlife

The following are various non-profit organizations that we support.

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We at Mendocino Wildlife Association do not in any way support any wildlife rescue
without first contacting your local center Sonoma Wildlife Rescue 707.992.0274 or
Mendocino Wildlife Association hotline number: 707.984.6363
Thank you for caring   —Love, the team

Mountain lion conflict?

Please contact local mountain lion expert, Dr. Quinton Martins, for advice on how to proceed: 707-721-6560 or

To learn more about Dr. Martins' research, visit the Living with Lions website.

For more information about the Puma Proof Pen visit this webpage:

Wildlife need our help. Human activity has changed and eliminated habitat, locally, and on the global scale, and birds, butterflies and other wildlife are pushed into ever-shrinking wilderness areas.

You can make a difference. You can invite wildlife back to your own yard and neighborhood by planting a simple garden that provides habitat. Imagine your garden teeming with singing songbirds, colorful butterflies, flitting hummingbirds, and other small wildlife.


Alternatives & Tips for Discouraging Rats.

Raptors Are the Solution

Raptors Are the Solution (RATS) educates people about the ecological role of birds of prey in urban and wild areas and about the danger they face from the widespread use of rat poison. RATS is a fiscally-sponsored project of Earth Island Institute, rated a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator. RATS raises all of our own funds through grants and donations. We partner with other nonprofits, agencies, scientists, cities, and others to work toward eliminating toxic rodenticides from the food web.

Road Ecology Center website

We have developed smartphone apps and we are developing web-applications for US scale and global roadkill reporting. This will allow everyone to join in the critical roadkill observation programs in over a dozen countries world-wide. Contact us for more information and to partner with us. Thanks to support from the Institute of Transportation Studies and our own donated effort, we are expanding roadkill reporting to the next level. Join us!

How do I protect my outdoor grow from deer?



Rats And Mice On Marijuana Plants

Rats and mice are rodents that scavenge for their food. Marijuana plants are an example of such rodent food.

As with many scavengers, they aren’t particularly picky when it comes to eating. They generally prefer human trash, but as soon as they run out of this first option they are known for gobbling up plant material.

Check out this article on