Welcome to Mendocino Wildlife Association,
Volunteers for the protection and preservation of wildlife!

Who We Are

Mendocino Wildlife Association (MWA) is a non-profit organization established by like-minded volunteers from all walks of life who are dedicated to public education about wildlife, using non-lethal wildlife management practices, and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. We are a new organization actively seeking out new members to join us in our quest to help protect our precious wildlife. If you are someone who loves wildlife, then MWA is a perfect fit for you. Come join us and work together with a great bunch of people in this growing movement to live in harmony with our wild neighbors.


What We Do

Mendocino Wildlife Association was established to be a County resource center for people who want to volunteer their time, talent and effort to protecting our County’s wildlife. We work with other non-profit organizations as well as County agencies to protect wildlife habitat, implement a non-lethal wildlife management program in the County, and facilitate wildlife rescue and rehabilitation services. We are a relatively new organization, but have already been very busy working with other organizations to help achieve our goals. We believe that what we do today strongly impacts the future; let us bequeath a land that is teeming with wildlife to all future generations.


Our Mission Is:

  • To advocate and speak up for our local wildlife on all levels for their welfare and protection
  • To educate our children and community members on how to live in harmony with our wildlife neighbors
  • To create local solutions to local challenges with regards to wildlife, rehabilitation, livestock, and policy