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We at Mendocino Wildlife Association do not in any way support any wildlife rescue
without first contacting your local center Sonoma Wildlife Rescue 707.992.0274 or
Mendocino Wildlife Association hotline number: 707.984.6363
Thank you for caring   —Love, the team

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10 Tips for Predator-proofing chickens

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How do I protect my outdoor grow from deer?



Rats And Mice On Marijuana Plants

Rats and mice are rodents that scavenge for their food. Marijuana plants are an example of such rodent food.

As with many scavengers, they aren’t particularly picky when it comes to eating. They generally prefer human trash, but as soon as they run out of this first option they are known for gobbling up plant material.

Check out this article on

This article is high maintenance on bear prevention. Do what you can and clean what you can.  Like I have told many community members, ammonia in your trash works really well in deterring bears. Also, go the the BEAR League website for more tips. We have a duty to live with bears as they have been here for thousands of years and each day more and more habitat gets converted into housing or industry. Thank you so much for caring for our wildlife!